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Nestle School Project

MET Stories

The Strategic Management Department has launched a new research project in cooperation with Nestle Egypt. The research aims at evaluating the social impact of one of Nestlé’s international CSR programs named 'healthy kids'. The research will also involve evaluating the impact of the project on Nestlé’s employee engagement, organization innovation, and customer satisfaction. The project evaluation will be carried out in various public schools in nine different governorates in Egypt. After the evaluation is finished, the project team will work on analyzing the data received and generate different strategies for Nestle Egypt to better manage its CSR program and have greater impact on the organization and the society.

Int. Civil Aviation Symposium

MET Stories

It's our pleasure to cordially invite you to the “1st International Civil Aviation Symposium (ICAS) on Investigating Regional Opportunity, Global Sustainability & Innovation in the Civil Aviation Sector”. The symposium will be held from the 26th – 28th of November 2013 to enhance cooperation between German & Egyptian experts in this important field of economic and business development as well as research and policy making.

Entrepreneurial Finance Lab

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The Faculty of Management Technology of the German University in Cairo, in collaboration with Harvard University and the National bank of Egypt, has just embarked on a two-years research project titled “Entrepreneurial Finance Lab Research Initiative”. The project, funded by the USAID, aims at contributing to the development of better credit screening mechanisms for SMEs, thus, facilitating access to finance for this dynamic sector in Egypt. The purpose of the project is to pilot test a psychometric screening tool, developed by Harvard based lab, on NBE’s future borrowers to indicate its validity and reliability in identifying high-potential entrepreneurs in Egypt.

New Research Project Launched

MET Stories

Misr El-Kheir foundation (MEK) sponsors a 2-year project on “Poverty Alleviation through Islamic Micro-financial Product Development: Potentials for NGOs and the Respective Consumer Acceptance in Egypt”. A multi-stage empirical study explores the potentials of poverty alleviation through micro-Islamic financial product development and examines consumer acceptance of the innovations.