Career Opportunities

Management & Technology will equip students with skills and knowledge for a wide range of employment paths. Our graduates will find employment in production management, product design, quality management, sales and marketing and in such sectors as information technology, electronics, computing, food, retailing, merchant banking and consultancy:

General Management graduates may be hired by all kinds of management positions, especially in companies with international scope of business activities.

Business Informatics graduates will posses combination of professional IT skills, business knowledge and understanding of information system issues. Graduates will be particularly suited to undertake roles as leading system analysts business analysts and IT managers (e.g. CIO), both in Egypt and the region as well as abroad. Companies with which they might expect to find employment include those heavily dependent on computing technology, such as financial services firms, public service enterprises and large industrial corporations.

Technology-based Management graduates are additionally qualified for any management position in organizations that compete in high-technology industries and/or that emphasize the strategic use high-technology.