The Faculty of Management Technology endeavors to be recognized as a leading business school in the Middle East, meeting German and international standards for excellence in business education.


The main mission of the Faculty of Management Technology is to educate, train and continuously develop its students in order to provide the labor market with highly needed managers, professionals, and business specialists who can contribute to the social and economic development of the society in which they live. This can best be achieved by building strong and positive links with the business community in the country, and by acting as a catalyst for the dissemination of the knowledge and expertise that help enhance effectiveness and productivity.


The main objective of the Faculty of Management Technology is to deliver world-class business knowledge and solutions, both practical and theoretical, to our students and clients, and to continue to generate high quality research and scholarly outputs. The objectives of the Faculty include:

Teaching & Learning

  1. Providing state-of-the-art business education using the most advanced computer and audio-visual technologies to foster student learning and enhance teamwork
  2. Forming ethical, competent and confident students who have relevant skills, including critical thinking, leadership and ability to work in a team
  3. Offering a curriculum designed to take into account modern thinking in leading German and other international highly regarded schools, thus ensuring relevance to current world practices as well as the Egyptian business environment
  4. Providing field training and practical application programs for students
  5. Adhering to quality standards in the educational process.
    Continuing to recruit, retain, and develop highly qualified faculty and staff who are dedicated to their profession and who are equipped to utilize modern methods and technology in the delivery of knowledge in their fields of specialization
  1. Establishing a research base capable of contributing effectively to the develop­ment of the Egyptian economy and enriching human knowledge
  2. Promoting high quality basic and applied research
  3. Enhancing the visibility of Research
  4. Sustaining a thriving postgraduate research culture
  1. Disseminating knowledge and strengthen relations between the Faculty and the community
  2. Enhancing communication channels with alumni
  3. Highlighting through the media the Faculty’s role in community service and development
  4. Continuing to provide leadership support and quality service to the University