Online Tutorials

The GUC believes that to enhance the quality of learning, all means of instruction should always be provided to its students. That is why the GUC Online Tutorials are made available.

The GUC Online Tutorials act as an extra guide to our students through their studies. Beside the students' normal lectures and tutorials, the GUC online tutorials are a quick and easy access to an additional source of knowledge. It supports the students in their learning process, where some of those tutorials tend to reinforce specific required skills or knowledge within the student to help him/her keep a good pace with the necessities of studying at the GUC.

The GUC is proud to say that its own Online Tutorials have been prepared by its own teaching assistants. The TAs of the GUC foresee the needs of their students through dealing with them within class and analyzing the weak points in their studies that need to be tackled. In addition, those online tutorials are prepared in a manner that suits the understanding capability of all students. In a matter that will take them step by step up to the level of where a GUC student should be.