Bachelor Thesis Rules and Regulations

As per GUC Study Regulations for the faculties of Engineering, students enrolled in the 8th semester of studies are expected to work on preparing the Bachelor Thesis as part of their Bachelor programme. The objectives of the Bachelor Programme have been derived from the general so-called Dublin Objectives for Bachelor Programmes . Students who have finished a Bachelor programme should be able to:

  1. Show that they have knowledge of the most recent developments in their academic field;
  2. Use their knowledge and insights (including methodological skills) to address practical issues in their field;
  3. Give a well-balanced assessment of their own work from an academic angle, from the practical side and from the ethical perspective;
  4. Communicate (both orally and in writing) their ideas and insights to a mixed public;
  5. Work independently.

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The bachelor thesis is the final part of the Bachelor Programme. The duration of the Bachelor Thesis should not exceed three months starting from the registration date. This could be translated into 12 weeks/420 hours/35 hours per week.

For force majeure, the time to work on the thesis may be extended once up to three months. The application has to obligatorily be put in two weeks before the deadline for submission. Independently, extensions for the time to work on the thesis may be granted several times and for more than 3 months in case of illness. It is necessary to put in an application along with a qualified medical certificate. A thesis marked 'not sufficient' may be redone once within a year with a new topic.

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Any student who wishes to register for the Bachelor Programme has to apply according to the procedures described below.

  1. The student should not have more than two F's after the sixth term in the core courses.
  2. The student should not have more than two F's in the humanity courses, including German (DE 101, 202, 303, 404), English (SM101, AS102,CPS402), and Introduction to Management (MNGT601).
  3. The student should have passed the Research Paper Writing course (RPW401) by the end of seventh term.
  4. The student should not be under probation, i.e. the student should have a GPA of 3.7 or better.
  5. The student should meet the prerequisites (if applicable) for the selected topic as stated in the project description.

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The priority for assigning students to the selected topics will be according to the cumulative GPA (excluding German and English courses) and the prerequisites requirements (if applicable). Hence, the assignment of the student to a topic will be done in general in more than one round to resolve conflicts. A round consists of the following steps:

  1. The student selects 20(twenty) preferences from a list of Bachelor Thesis topics offered in his/her major. Please refer to the deans and your professors to help you with your selection and check the corresponding website of your faculty.
  2. The student fills out and submits the form electronically. The form is available online under
  3. The assignment will be done automatically according to the cumulative GPA (excluding German and English courses) and the preferences indicated by the student.
  4. Once this assignment has been determined, the system sends out a notice to each student either with the topic or with a new deadline for an additional round.
  5. Only the students who received a notice with a new deadline are allowed and have to participate in the next round of selection.
  6. Once the assignment is done, the students have to sign and return an official Thesis Acceptance Form to the Student Affairs Office.

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Upon completion of the research work, the student has to submit either a product or a prototype representing the practical application of the research as well as a soft and hard copy of the thesis paper. The thesis has to be written in English. The thesis describes the cause, research question, approach and results of the research. This has to be done in a clear, structured and scientific manner. This includes:

  • a clear introduction in which the cause and research questions are presented;
  • a clear conclusion, based solely on the already used thought out principles and derived results;
  • a clear line is shown between problem statements approach methods and the derived results;
  • a motivation of the followed approach;
  • an adequate description of the followed approach; \item an honest, clear and concise description of the derived results, if necessary using tables;
  • a discussion of the results;
  • the usage of relevant and recent literature;
  • the correct usage of references;
  • the adequate usage of the literature for the reasoning in the thesis.

There are thesis templates (in M.S. Word and Latex) available from the GUC website that students have to use as an aid in formatting their theses.

The thesis MUST be written in Latex

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Subjects for thesis research can be supplied in two ways:

  1. internally, by professors and lecturers of the GUC;
  2. externally, by governments, businesses or other organizations;

Students who are aiming for external subjects should take proper initiatives themselves. Engineering staff may help those students, provided that they:

  • have already contacted an organization;
  • provide the name, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person within that organization No general contact information will be accepted;
  • prepare one or two alternative subjects;
  • prepare a brief curriculum vitae.

In deciding whether a thesis subject is suited for thesis research, the following aspects will be taken into account:

  • Does the subject enable the student to show that s/he meets the overall programme objectives? (See Section Objective)
  • Can the thesis be finished within 420 hours? (see Section Duration)
  • Is the topic of the thesis relevant in an academic sense?
  • Is the project relevant in a practical/empirical sense?

The student has to get a written approval from an internal supervisor and his/her corresponding dean. Additionally, students who would like to make their Bachelor thesis abroad should have a cummulative GPA less than 2.5.

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All students have to sign and submit the Thesis Registration Form to the Students Affairs Office at latest on the 1. March 2008.

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Regardless of the location where the BSc. thesis will be performed, students will be assigned a thesis supervisor from within the GUC (a PhD holder who is familiar with the thesis research area). The internal supervisor is responsible for the final assessment of the thesis.

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All students are required to submit three bound hardcopies of their theses to the library at the end of the examination. All thesis submissions must be accompanied by the Thesis Submission Form. All students are required to submit an electronic copy in pdf format of their thesis at the end of the examination. See Bachelor Thesis Schedule document for more details.

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The assessment of the Bachelor Thesis consists of three parts:

  • The progress during the three months of work.
  • The technical content of the thesis as such. The thesis has to be written in English (see Section ).
  • The final colloquium. This consists of a 40 minutes presentation of the research conducted along with the results achieved followed by discussion.

The assessment will be done by the internal supervisor, taking into account the academic opinion of a reviewer. The grade will be given on a scale from 0.7 to 5 (German Grading Scale). The Bachelor thesis can only be successfully completed after receiving a grade better than 3.3.

Students who will miss two sessions (without an approved excuse) from the weekly meetings will be warned and notified officially. Students who will miss four sessions (without an approved excuse) will be dropped from the Bachelor thesis and the thesis will be graded with 5.0 (fail).

To be able to take part in the final presentations, students should achieve at least 50% out of~ the 40 marks for the work done throughout the project's period. The thesis must be repeated either immediately or after finalizing the courses of the ninth and tenth terms. The student can not graduate if the bachelor thesis is graded with 5.0 (fail).

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The GUC imposes academic integrity on all its members. Academic dishonesty, in any form, is ultimately destructive to the values of the GUC. Any documentation of the thesis research and results as well as any other document submitted by the student must respect the principles of academic integrity.

Breaches of academic integrity include such practices as plagiarism, cheating and falsification (which includes the creation of fictitious data for use in the thesis).

If a breach of academic integrity is discovered in the research or thesis proposal, whether in draft or final form, the outcome is necessarily severe. All sorts of academic dishonesty will be taken seriously. The consequences thereof will be decided by an academic committee appointed specifically therefore. In case of hard evidence of academic dishonesty, the committee has the authority to impose penalties as grave as expulsion from the university. Therefore, theses at the time of submission should be accompanied by a signed declaration from the student that the material presented for examination is his/her own work and has not been submitted for any other award.

Students have to fully acknowledge the work of others by providing appropriate references in their thesis and declaring the contributions of co-workers. Students do not take credit that is not earned.

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