The Mission of the Marketing Department is to educate qualified marketing academics and practitioners that possess not only technical and leadership skills but also high quality research abilities which can serve as a foundation to advance Marketing practice.

This is achieved through adapting the most recent technologies and instruments that would serve both the theoretical as well as the practical dimensions. The Marketing Department adopts the most recent Integrated/Societal Marketing Philosophy/Concept which takes a wholistic view and regards Marketing as a tool that can be used not only for profitability purposes but also for individual, social, organizational, and environmental purposes that cater to the needs of the triad comprising consumers, companies, and long-term societal welfare (see also http://www.ethicsbasedmarketing.net/definition.html).

The Department’s long-term plan is to foster a Dual Paradigm of emphasis on teaching and research as well as provide the best education in the MENA region. The Department’s vision is to become a research hub with several specialized world-class research centers that would enhance the economic and developmental viability of Egypt and serve to create, sustain, and promote research projects that are of benefit to mankind.

Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Management Technology - German University in Cairo